News from Lambourn Equine Vets

Covid19 - Essential Work Only

Following the prime ministers statement tonight Monday 23rd March 2020, we have decided that it is necessary that we reduce our veterinary service and provide only essential veterinary cover to play our part in minimising the spread of Covid19.  By that we will continue to provide emergency veterinary care to our clients horses and follow up calls as needed and where follow up work is required to ensure treatment programs are effective we will discuss these with you.  We will provide telephone consults to determine if your horse requires a visit.  We will continue to provide essential health care such as vaccinations where necessary and any veterinary work required to ensure your horses stay health during these challenging times.  We will be able to fulfil prescriptions and dispense medicines. We feel it is essential that everyone plays there part and wherever possible STAY AT HOME.  Covid19 is a horrendous virus and managed with care we as a nation can minimise the spread of infection and subsequently the overall impact of the pandemic.  Obviously the situation is unprecedented and we are going to continue to monitor the course of events and will update you as the situation changes.  We encourage that you join us in this mission to minimise the devastation of the Covid19 outbreak and do not hang around at your yards / with your horses.  By restricting our services we hope this will minimise the risks and also ensure we are able to continue to provide veterinary care for your horses. if you have any concerns please do call but please minimise your social contact to help minimise the spread of the disease.