News from Lambourn Equine Vets

Routine Equine Healthcare during Covid 19

Equine Vaccinations

Following the UK going into shutdown from Monday evening we have had many calls and emails regarding the need for equine vaccinations and whether they are "essential", we have been working closely with our governing body "BEVA" - the British Equine Veterinary Association, who in turn are working with the various governing bodies within the UK and world wide to have a consensus on how things will pan out.  With the country in shut down and horse movement being minimal the risk of disease also decreases.  As such it is currently considered to not be essential to carry out equine vaccinations.  BEVA are working to encourage a months grace period over this time should vaccinations lapse over the 12 months for equine influenza and hopefully we will receive an update in due course.  As such we will not be undertaking vaccinations for routine equine influenza and tetanus during the lock down period as we do not feel this is appropriate to jeopardise the isolation and risk further spread of Covid19.

Mare Vaccinations

Mare vaccinations relating to EHV and Rota we consider to be still essential healthcare and will put measures in place to ensure horses still receive these, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements as we may ask you to collect the vaccines to give to your mares.

Worming Program

As many of you are aware our worming program testing starts in April and many of your tests are already scheduled.  The tests that are scheduled to commence before the lock down is completed will be rescheduled to a late date as we do not feel delaying by a few weeks will be harmful.  We will contact you over the next week or so to rearrange the dates.

I hope this helps to alleviate your concerns, your horses healthcare is very important and we will continue to monitor the situation and keep your horses healthy but for now lets all stay home and try and limit the impact of this awful virus.  We are of course on call for emergency work and if you would like to be discuss a challenge you have with your horse, we now have telemedicine available so can remotely provide guidance!